Curtain Theater


On Richard Garriott’s lakeside property in Austin, there is a replica of the Globe Theater called the Curtain Theater.  A performance of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” was scheduled for tonight, but then the rains came.  The show was cancelled at the last minute, and then the rains went away.  Oh well, what can you do?


Mayfield Nature Preserve – Hiking


This hike was much more beautiful than I had expected.  Mayfield Nature Preserve had a lot to offer in a relatively small place.  I found mushrooms, wildflowers, the lake, a creek, a cave, small waterfalls, and plenty of mud to hike around in due to all the recent rains.  Too much fun!  🙂





Woodlands Park


I am relaxing near the Colorado River at a little known section of Woodlands Park.  The main part of the park has some nice facilities, but if you wander towards the lake and cross a small bridge, you will find a peaceful place on the river.  Picnic tables, cool breezes, shady trees, watercraft passing by, and a nice view are all to be discovered and enjoyed here.  If you need one of the best stair climbing trail workouts in Austin, then check out the River Place Nature Trail, just across the street.  I haven’t hiked that one in a while, so I need to return soon on a non-relaxing day to take on its challenges.



Mozart’s – Sunset


Mozart’s Coffee Roasters is the perfect place to end the day on Lake Austin. They have a magnificent drink called “Espresso Shake”. It is the best of both worlds with a mix of espresso and chocolate milk shake. Not to mention that their deck is a great place to hang out, read, and watch the sun go behind the Westlake Hills.