No Baggage – The Book


I read this book written by Clara Bensen.  I think I had high hopes based on the description from her website.

“Newly recovered from a quarter-life meltdown, Clara Bensen decided to test her comeback by signing up for an online dating account. She never expected to meet Jeff, a wildly energetic university professor with a reputation for bucking convention. They barely know each other’s last names when they agree to set out on a risky travel experiment spanning eight countries and three weeks. The catch? No hotel reservations, no plans, and best of all, no baggage.”

I had hoped for an awesome travel story, but instead got short descriptions of some of their adventures and long stories about their life philosophy.  It seemed like for them, travel was a race across countries with the intention of annoying the native population as much as possible.  And what great lovers of travel would actively look to cut their vacation short by actively seeking out a flight that leaves a day earlier than planned?  Travel should be about marvelous experiences that show up unexpectedly, and not about being drug along by one of the most annoying people on the planet.  I think for her next book she should travel alone and enjoy the little things that make other countries full of wonder.

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