It is raining off and on in Austin today, so I find myself upstairs at Whole Foods eating some soup and salad and watching the storms blow by from the second floor windows.  There is this old cigarette dispenser that has been retrofitted as an art machine – the Art*o*mat.  Pretty cool.  I was trying to decide between Joyce Lyman’s Folk Art Sculpture and “Stick Man – Put together a new friend”, and the Folk Art won because a new friend might turn out to be too needy.  I put in my hard earned dollars, pull the handle, and out slides a groovy alligator in a box.  Don’t be jealous.  Joyce Lyman might make an alligator for you too if you ask nicely…




2 comments on “Art*o*mat

  1. Ann says:

    I didn’t know you’d actually get art out of it. LOL! I just thought it was a joke.

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