Cuvée Coffee


Cuvée Coffee is a different sort of coffee shop located on East Sixth Street in Austin.  There is no WiFi, to my surprise.  The place is super clean and inviting.  They have a menu which includes breakfast tacos, but don’t get here too late, or they will stop serving them (at noon).  They have nitrogenated cold brew coffee, which I believe is their claim to fame.  They have indifferent baristas who will ignore or barely recognize your presence.  Why do people become baristas when they know they will grow to hate their job, and then treat customers like poop?  If you are not a natural people person, you should probably not seek out a job working behind a counter and serving people.  They have a limited menu of espresso drinks, unlike most coffee shops that will make you almost any drink you desire.  I settled for a yummy turkey and pesto sandwich from the refrigerator, a smallish green iced tea with mint, and a Topo Chico mineral water.  If there is some drink from the menu that you are craving, then check it out.  If you are expecting a full service coffee bar, then try some other place in the area.




Dazzle Coffee


There is a new coffee joint in Round Rock called Dazzle Coffee. Don’t go there expecting your normal coffee place where you go in and lounge about and glom on to the free internets. Dazzle is on to you people, so they have a drive-through or walk-up only kind of place. I got the “Frezian” with the “Zebra” flavor (white and dark chocolate), and I recommend this drink for helping you to be more productive in the New Year. Sorry if this wrecks any of your dieting plans. :-/



Jean Philippe Patisserie


Ever had the desire to see the world’s largest chocolate fountain? You can find it at Jean Philippe Patisserie in the Bellagio. They have snacks, drinks, desserts, and of course – lots of chocolate. They have cakes on display of all sorts and my favorite one was Olaf sitting in the top corner of the restaurant. I ordered a large white mocha and slurped it down on my way to my next Las Vegas destination.


Mozart’s – Sunset


Mozart’s Coffee Roasters is the perfect place to end the day on Lake Austin. They have a magnificent drink called “Espresso Shake”. It is the best of both worlds with a mix of espresso and chocolate milk shake. Not to mention that their deck is a great place to hang out, read, and watch the sun go behind the Westlake Hills.


International Coffee Day


Yes, today is International Coffee Day and I am celebrating by drinking a beverage (not coffee) at Cianfrani Coffee Company in Georgetown, Texas. I already had too much coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts earlier today. It may not be too late for you, depending on where you find yourself today – “On 9/29, get a free medium Hot Dark Roast Coffee in honor of America’s favorite holiday.” Happy celebrating!

Killing Time


After work, you will probably find me at a coffee shop, eating somewhere or working out. Today, I am at the Starbucks in the Round Rock Outlet Mall. I am testing the ability of the WordPress App to post a photo and a blurb.

I live and work just North of Austin, Texas. You will probably notice that I tend to hang out in Round Rock and Georgetown. I plan to make some lists of places to go, and this spot will make the “Coffee” list. Have a great day!