Teapioca Lounge


Trying out a new place for bubble tea in Round Rock on this day full of fluffy clouds.  We need Teapioca Lounge in this city, since there are so few bubble tea joints north of Austin.  I tried the Frozen Cappuccino with Tapioca and it was tasty.  I didn’t do the lounging part today, but I’m sure to return again soon since they stay open until 10:00 pm.


Snow Monster


The Snow Monster.  You win based upon your name alone.  Here is how it works.  Approach the counter and check out your options on the menu display.  Select your size – I got a small.  Choose your flavor for the groovy shaved ice – I got Coffee flavor.  Pick some Snow Toppings – I got Oreos.  Get a drink – I got a bubble tea.  Enjoy!  Yes, it is that simple and truly an awesome discovery to begin the summer season in Austin.  If only they had a Sno Mo a little further north…