Windows 10 Upgrade


Tomorrow is the first availability for upgrading to Windows 10.  Back in early February, I wrote a blog about testing Windows 10 Technical Preview.  As of today, I cannot recommend upgrading to this operating system.  My top 3 reasons are below.

1.  The Microsoft Store

There are just not enough apps in the store yet as compared to Apple and Android.  For example, my two favorite apps lately (WordPress and Periscope) are not available.  I say wait until the Microsoft Store is more completely populated.

2.  Automated Updates

I am not sure that I can endorse a Microsoft operating system that forces a computer to accept updates as pushed out by Microsoft.  If you search their support site, you can find a utility that will allow you to temporarily remove problematic updates, but there is not yet a way to deny updates from installing at the start.

3.  Time and Patience

There is still plenty of time available (one year) until the free update offer expires.  My vote is to be patient and give it some time.  Wait and see how some of the early adopters are doing, read some reviews, and decide for yourself when the time is right to upgrade if you decide this is best for you.


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