No Baggage


Would you do this?  Clara Bensen from Austin met someone on OKCupid (a story in itself as this dude lived in a dumpster for a year) and then they decided to take a three week summer trip to Europe with the clothes on their back and a few necessities stuffed in pockets and a purse.  On the flight out, a flight attendant asked a great question – “What will you wear when you’re washing your clothes?”  Anyway, she survived and wrote a book about her adventures.  I think I know what I am reading next when I finish the one I am working on now.  If I get a chance to catch them in Austin, I will let you know what happens. For now, I am thinking about planning a trip somewhere.

4 comments on “No Baggage

  1. Anisa says:

    No way!

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  2. chattykerry says:

    I once packed hand baggage for my husband’s two week work trip to darkest Africa. He managed but perhaps everyone stayed downwind of him… 🙂

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