Monk Parakeets II

I discovered another nest of Monk Parakeets today as I was exploring along Guadalupe Street.  This one was near 38th and Guadalupe.  This is what I have learned so far about the parakeets.


  • They are native of Argentina.

  • They are bright green on top, dull gray on bottom, and have an orange bill.

  • They like to build a stick nest that may be home to several pairs of birds.

  • For some reason, they like to build nests on electric utility poles.

  • They are very social and intelligent birds, and as pets, they can develop a pretty good vocabulary.


4 comments on “Monk Parakeets II

  1. Jane says:

    Wow, that’s very unusual. I’ve never seen similar birds nest in anything other than a hollow in a tree in Australia. Seeing a stick nest seems quite unusual. It looks well protected up there anyway. Great spotting!

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    • earthrobert says:

      Thank you. I will be looking for more nests and parakeets in the near future. It is great to find these birds in Austin. I also learned that you have to be careful while walking next to a busy street with your attention focused above. 🙂

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  2. Bill Chance says:

    Nice entry. I read about the monk parakeets and decided to walk around and look in a large transformer yard near my house. I discovered it was full of them and that there was a university researcher studying the colony.

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    • earthrobert says:

      That sounds pretty cool. Let me know if you get any good photos. I am still hunting for a good photo capture in Austin, but my finds have been only on utility poles so far.


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