Monk Parakeets II

I discovered another nest of Monk Parakeets today as I was exploring along Guadalupe Street.  This one was near 38th and Guadalupe.  This is what I have learned so far about the parakeets.


  • They are native of Argentina.

  • They are bright green on top, dull gray on bottom, and have an orange bill.

  • They like to build a stick nest that may be home to several pairs of birds.

  • For some reason, they like to build nests on electric utility poles.

  • They are very social and intelligent birds, and as pets, they can develop a pretty good vocabulary.


Monk Parakeets


I read an interesting article today about the Monk Parakeets of Austin.  Then I discovered the very cool Facebook page.  So, off I went in search of these birds.  As the story goes, the construction at the University of Texas intramural fields has taken some of their homes away since they liked to build nests in the light towers.  It is not confirmed if they will like the new light towers or not – and to complicate things, it is rumored that the grass fields will be replaced with AstroTurf.  Who new that Austin growth would negatively affect bunches of Parakeets?