SXSW by Day II


The SXSW Interactive Festival never ceases to amaze me.  Have an empty parking lot downtown?  OK, we will install a Ferris Wheel for fun.  Or maybe an upside down church building.  Presidential traffic jams got you down?  Try to out grumpy old Grumpy Cat who is coming to town.  We also have R2-D2 and parties galore to boost your spirits.  This Festival is awesome, and it’s only the first day so far.







2 comments on “SXSW by Day II

  1. Jane says:

    Fascinating what people will do, Robert! The upside down church is really weird. šŸ™‚

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    • earthrobert says:

      SXSW never ceases to amaze me. The upside down church was my introduction to SXSW this year as I left the downtown parking garage. I saw it from the top floor and headed over for some photos.

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