Indian Blanket


Texas wildflowers never cease to amaze me.  These photos show three separate large fields of the Indian Blanket flowers that I ran across on my walk this evening.  I’m sure this is the product of all the recent rains in Central Texas.





3 comments on “Indian Blanket

  1. parparvan says:

    gorgeous!! I am surprised to know that it rains so much in texas that it allows for this kind of flower growth!

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    • earthrobert says:

      Central Texas is a unique and interesting place. Some years we may go through a drought, and some we may see unusual amounts of rain. There are usually wildflowers to be found, but these fields were amazing. I have walked this same route many times over the past few years and never seen wildflower patches like these.

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      • parparvan says:

        Wowwwww How fascinating that one place can have such different climate conditions within such a short period of time! I never knew that about central Texas. I would like to visit some of the areas sometime 🙂

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