The Winter’s Tale


My real reason for visiting San Antonio was to see Shakespeare in the Park.  Tonight’s performance was “The Winter’s Tale”.  There were kings, queens, lovers, dancers, and even a bear.  The story is a good one, so go see the play if you ever have the chance.  The Arneson River Theater is magical in itself – with people walking by on the Riverwalk and realizing they are suddenly on the front row of a play, boats full of tourists snapping selfies as they cruise by, ducks floating by and taking no notice to the proceedings, and the lovely outdoor theater.  Too much fun!


Last Chance Forever


I attended a small Renaissance Festival in San Antonio this afternoon and got a pleasant surprise with a group called Last Chance Forever.  They rescue birds of prey and try to get them back into their natural habitat.  They showed off Eagles, Falcons, Owls, Hawks, and Vultures.  It was amazing.