Austin Aquarium – Rainbow Lorikeets


My all time favorite creatures at the Austin Aquarium are the Rainbow Lorikeets.  They love to examine you and your belongings up close.  They will land on you in a friendly way and check you out.  They seem to be always in motion, making it challenging to get a good photo.  My small camera is interesting to them, so they usually want to experience it by touching it with their beaks.  I will normally try to spend as much time as possible inside their enclosure at the Aquarium.  It is so much fun to hang out with these awesome birds.



Austin Aquarium II


The Austin Aquarium is always a fun place to visit.  My favorites today were the Clownfish and the Rainbow Lorikeets.  I could watch the Clownfish play around the Sea Anemone for hours as they swim in and out of the tentacles.  The Lorikeets are also very playful, but in a much different way.  They will fly over to greet you, perch on your hand for a while, and pose for a photo or two.  When it becomes feeding time, they gather around the bowl and all partake of dinner in a mostly orderly fashion.  These creatures and the others at the Aquarium make for a great day.