A Storm Of Swords


I finished reading my book today. The third in the “Game Of Thrones” series by George R. R. Martin, with about 1127 pages on the Kindle. There are 80 main chapters in the book, and each chapter follows the life of one of the primary 10 characters.

Jaime Lannister – Called The Kingslayer
Catelyn Stark – Widow of Lord Eddard Stark
Arya Stark – Ten year old daughter to Catelyn Stark
Tyrion Lannister – A dwarf, wounded in the Battle of the Blackwater
Davos Seaworth – Once a smuggler
Sansa Stark – A maid of twelve, daughter to Catelyn Stark
Jon Snow – A sworn brother of the Night’s Watch
Daenerys Targaryen – Sole surviving heir of Aerys II Targaryen
Bran Stark – Nine year old son of Catelyn Stark
Samwell Tarley – A fat steward and keeper of the ravens

My favorite stories followed Jon Snow as he adventured beyond the Wall and into the North. It is probably best to start at the first book in the series if you plan on reading about The Game of Thrones. The Kindle Edition can be found here along with a little taste of the beginning pages. Be careful, because if you are like me, you will get hooked on the series (just the books so far and not the HBO shows) and end up reading for hours on end, late into the Winter nights.