SLS Las Vegas


The SLS Las Vegas is growing on me. It was Sunday, so I was looking for a nice place to watch some football and grab a bite to eat. Enter Umami Burger. Nothing fancy, but exactly what I was looking for. Truffle Burger, Make ‘Em Manly Fries, Moroccan Gun Powder Iced Tea, and NFL Football on a super big screen were the perfect combination.


Mix Lounge


You step off the elevator on the 64th floor and you try to maintain your cool. The views at the Mix Lounge will make you want to jump around like when you were a kid. It doesn’t help that the DJ is pumping out tunes and the dance floor with floor to ceiling windows is the first thing on your immediate right. Be cool, stroll out to the balcony, and take a few photos like this place is no big deal. Find a table with the best view of the Las Vegas Strip – there will be plenty of time for eating, drinking, and dancing like a crazy person as the night goes on. 🙂



800 Degrees


If you are like me, and you love pizza, check out 800 Degrees in the SLS Las Vegas. You start by viewing the menu while they hand toss your pizza dough. You then select your style of pizza – for me it was Verde, a green pesto pie. Watch as they build your pizza and add the toppings you select – for me, bacon and meatball. Order a salad and a drink while the chef places your pie into the oven. By the time you pay and settle into a table, your awesome creation is ready for you to devour. Yum!