I had hopes for this movie.  It had many pieces, but for me they didn’t fit once on screen.  The lead actors are good, but there is a chemistry missing here.  The aliens are cool, but these days a few CGI aliens don’t make a movie.  A good movie takes you somewhere magical, but this one takes you to a pop-up army camp in a field in Montana.  And lastly, this movie makes you think, but the more I pondered the circumstances, the more I frowned on the decision making taking place.  If you see this film, I hope you enjoy it more than I did.

War Dogs


Miami, Jordan, Iraq, Vegas, and Albania are some of the locations involved in this tale.  Of these, Miami takes center stage with its beautiful coastline scenes and city views.  This is a pretty good movie based upon a true story.  If nothing else, read the article from Rolling Stone Magazine (but maybe wait until you have seen the film if you intend on watching this one so you don’t spoil it).  The film will make you consider the business of war in today’s global economy.


Jason Bourne


If you are in the theater for this rendition of the Bourne films, you are probably here for the action.  That is the one thing that this movie delivers well.  There are fist fights, motorcycle escapes, car chases, gun play, and more fights.  Bourne and the CIA team trying to catch him do some impossible things, probably to the detriment of the storyline.  The camera work is what we have come to expect from the series – crazy fast moving.  I would prefer a script where Jason Bourne is trying to do some good in the world instead of a retread of him versus the CIA goons out to get him.