World Market


The World Market has useful things – like tea and chocolate from different parts of the world.  You can go there and pretend that you are on a multinational trip.  They also have things that are less useful- like elephants, chocolate banana Pocky sticks, and champagne flavor jelly beans.  I find that I tend to gravitate to the less useful items when making my purchasing decisions.  At least my next snack time should be fun.




Apple Store


So, my new (to me) car has the ability to connect directly to my iPod Touch (no, I don’t have an iPhone). I needed an extra cable with the lightning connector so I can rock out to my tunes and podcasts. I’m not so much into rocking out since I am old and all, but I can try. Mostly I am listening to Talk Radio or National Public Radio and trying to learn about the world. But for the limited rocking out that can be accomplished, the cable is a requirement. Thus a visit to the Apple Store in the Domain. People are always looking at me weird when I am taking random photos – their problem, not mine. 🙂