Georgetown ISD Athletic Complex


A friend at work talked me into volunteering at the State Soccer Tournament.  It was held at the Georgetown ISD Athletic Complex.  We slaved away in the concession stand for a few hours, assembling hot dogs, nachos, BBQ sandwiches, and sausage wraps.  I am sure the soccer fans loved us for our timely and efficient delivery of tasty snack foods.  After our shift work was complete, we hung around and watched some soccer matches.  And then the torrential rains came.  That gave us the opportunity to go downtown and try out a new restaurant.  By the way, Eats on 8th is a great place!  My favorite was the Chef’s Special Cheesecake.  I am sure to return in full on blogging mode to share this place with you.  So, in summary, rained out soccer championships resulted in a wonderful meal with my friend.  Yay!



2 comments on “Georgetown ISD Athletic Complex

  1. Shelley says:

    We are thinking of volunteering for the Tennis Tournament in Palm Springs next year. Can’t afford the tickets. Good for you.

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