Austin Reggae Festival by Day


Here is the best plan for attending the Austin Reggae Festival.  Walk in to the festival and do some people watching.  Admire the Austin skyline.  Get as close to the stage as possible.  Check out the band.  Cruise by those dudes with the marijuana flag and the inflatable sofa.  That sofa is perfect!  Go for some food and make friends with the guys working the Crepe Crazy stand.  Order the Chicken Basil Pesto Crepe along with a bottle of Topo Chico. Share a bench with some festival goers and eat dinner.  Wander through the pop-up shops and enjoy the setting sun and those two groovy people who brought a hammock.  Head back to the front of the stage in preparation for the headlining Reggae band from New Zealand.  Snap a photo of the sun as it sets behind the trees that line Auditorium Shores.  Rock out to some Reggae music and then call it a wonderful night.  After all, the festival lasts for three days and you can always come back on Saturday or Sunday.  šŸ™‚








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