Papi’s Pies


I tried a new restaurant in Round Rock today – Papi’s Pies. I had the Quiche Florentine, a salad, a coke, and the Tres Leches cake for dessert. Everything was great. One of my main reasons for visiting was the Local Artist Series: Galápagos Islands with Henry Huey. I really enjoyed the photos, and I’ll be back again for more food and art.







2 comments on “Papi’s Pies

  1. christina says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome post about my friends’ cafe! I produce the monthly Local Artist Series in Papi’s Pies, and I’m so happy you went specifically to see the art. More great exhibits coming up too, with a mix of media throughout the year.

    Please check out my local social media pages Wilco Creatives and Round Rock Eat & Drink, where I’ll be sharing more news about upcoming arts events!

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  2. earthrobert says:

    Thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing more art posted up around Round Rock!


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