Adelbert’s Brewery II


It is a rainy Saturday in Austin, so I took it easy today.  I watched some football, had lunch with a friend, stopped by Adelbert’s Brewery, and chilled at Starbucks with my iPad.  What you see in the first photo is a semi-wet picnic table outside the Brewery with a “Naked Nun” – their awesome Wit Beer which was chemically enhanced by a few stray rain drops.



45 Taps


One of the best parts of the Whole Foods Market in the Domain is the Draft Shack.  As you can tell by the photo, they have 45 different beers on tap, among other beverages.  They also have an oyster happy hour from 3 to 5 every day if you are into that sort of thing.  My beer selection today was a pint of Pablo’s Pale Ale from Adelbert’s Brewery in Austin.  Tap #23 on the big board.  It was great!


Adelbert’s Brewery


I continue my search for the best Wit beer in Austin.  Today’s contestant was Adelbert’s Brewery.  The beer of choice was the “Naked Nun”.  Pretty tasty!  The Brewery specializes in hand-crafted, Belgian style ales.  On certain nights of the week, they open up the Brewery for happy hour including games, food trucks, bands, and beer sampling.  Check the website for details if you would like to plan a visit.