Adelbert’s Brewery II


It is a rainy Saturday in Austin, so I took it easy today.  I watched some football, had lunch with a friend, stopped by Adelbert’s Brewery, and chilled at Starbucks with my iPad.  What you see in the first photo is a semi-wet picnic table outside the Brewery with a “Naked Nun” – their awesome Wit Beer which was chemically enhanced by a few stray rain drops.



Banger’s Oktoberfest


There is a small Oktoberfest Celebration going on at Banger’s this weekend, so I thought I would stop by for a pint.  They boast to have the largest tap wall in Austin, with over 100 beers on tap.  My choice was a Belgian-style Witbier called “Freetail Rye Wit” from the Freetail Brewing Company in San Antonio.  It was very enjoyable as the sun started to set for the day.



Adelbert’s Brewery


I continue my search for the best Wit beer in Austin.  Today’s contestant was Adelbert’s Brewery.  The beer of choice was the “Naked Nun”.  Pretty tasty!  The Brewery specializes in hand-crafted, Belgian style ales.  On certain nights of the week, they open up the Brewery for happy hour including games, food trucks, bands, and beer sampling.  Check the website for details if you would like to plan a visit.




The Brass Tap


I went to downtown Round Rock this evening to enjoy “Music on Main Street” with a performance by a local bluegrass band.  Once I had my fill of bluegrass music, I wandered across the street to try out a new place for me – The Brass Tap.  I tried the hummus with fresh baked pretzels along with the Save the World Agnus Dei Wit draft beer.  Yes, I did my part to represent on Earth Day.  The history of this building includes time spent (1907 – 1942) as the Economy Drug Store.  If you visit, you can see things like the original heart of pine floor, the original pressed tin ceiling, cast iron stools from the original soda fountain, the original orange marble which is now at the main bar, and an antique safe.  There is the inside bar area, an outdoor patio, and a Biergarten with picnic tables to enjoy.  If you find yourself in downtown Round Rock, then check out this place for some history, food and drinks.


Bluebonnet Beer Company


So, it turns out that Round Rock has a small brewery.  Bluebonnet Beer Company opens its doors to the public on Friday and Saturday evenings and invites the Sweet-n-Cheezy food truck along for the ride.  The brewery has been described as “homebrewing on steroids”.  They currently have four different brews on tap that they produce for some area bars and restaurants.  In addition to that, they offered a seasonal beer which was my beer of choice this evening – a Belgian Wit that is “brightened with the zest of fresh, seasonal Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit”.  Definitely check this place out if you find yourself in the area.  As a bonus, there is a nice thick field of Bluebonnets just next door.  🙂