Moonlight Adventure


You know the kind.  Those nights when you think you are cool and can search around the local church building for some eerie photo opportunities.  The moon is shining brightly at first and then it seeks cover behind a blanket of clouds.  You walk out to the cemetery behind the church, and then your nerves kick in, even though you are still on the paved road, but very alone.  Every nighttime sound is a horror waiting to happen.  Your pace quickens as you return to the parking lot for one more photo and then a quick escape to the familiarity and comfort of your vehicle.  Whew!  That was exciting!




180° South


It rained all day today, and you may have read some news about flooding in Texas.  I spent my day on the computer and managed to squeeze in a swim at the community pool in between rain showers.  I watched “180° South” on Netflix, and this is a pretty good adventure movie.  The scenes in Easter Island are awesome, and they made me want to travel there someday.

“The best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn’t even think to ask.”