I am feeling yucky for the past few days.  Down with a cold and a nose that won’t stop running.  What can you do but drink lots of fluids, take your vitamins, get some rest, and turn to Netflix to help pass the time.  Wildlike is a film that resonated with me.  It is about a girl, recently sent to Alaska to live with her Uncle, who can no longer trust anyone to look out for her best interests.  It is a slow burn of a movie that gets you wrapped up in her predicament – not to mention the most beautiful Alaskan scenery.  Check it out if you have the patience for an independent film like this.



What to do when you are at home sick with a stomach bug?  Netflix to the rescue.  I found this movie called Victoria.  It is about a girl from Spain who doesn’t speak any German, and finds herself working at a cafe in Berlin.  The most amazing thing about this film is that it was shot in one continuous take.  It starts off in a local club at around 4:00 am and moves on from there.  The plot is a little out there, but for the filming technique alone, I recommend giving this one a try.

Beasts of No Nation

When a tooth strikes out with pain and swelling, you end up spending the day at home resting and watching Netflix.  This movie, “Beasts of No Nation”, hits hard.  A very graphic war movie filmed in Ghana in West Africa.  It won’t appeal to everyone, but I appreciated its honest portrayal of African war zones and the food for thought that it provided.

180° South


It rained all day today, and you may have read some news about flooding in Texas.  I spent my day on the computer and managed to squeeze in a swim at the community pool in between rain showers.  I watched “180° South” on Netflix, and this is a pretty good adventure movie.  The scenes in Easter Island are awesome, and they made me want to travel there someday.

“The best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn’t even think to ask.”