Has anyone tried the Prisma App yet?  It is a bit different than using filters.  It uses artificial intelligence to turn photos into art.  It is pretty impressive and you can check out lots of user submitted results on their Facebook Page.  The only thing that I find odd is that the photo outputs are a square shape.  Here are a few of my sunset pictures from yesterday so you can get an idea of the power of this application. Enjoy!


Robocup Soccer Exhibition


One of my most anticipated events at the Artificial Intelligence Open House was to witness the Robocup Soccer Exhibition. One of the teams was from The University of Texas – The Austin Villa Robot Soccer Team. The goal is to “build fully autonomous cooperative multi-robot systems that perform well in dynamic and adversarial environments.” How much fun it was to watch these little guys roam the soccer field, chase the ball down, tumble around and get back up on their own, pass the ball, and score goals. The robots are all a Standard Platform (identical except for programming and jersey color) and “Aldebaran Nao” robots. They receive no programming assistance while on the field, but must find the ball and play soccer on their own. Too much fun!


Hyatt Regency Austin


I had a fun opportunity to visit the Hyatt Regency this afternoon for a conference on Artificial Intelligence. The host organization was the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). I sat in on a talk by Moshe Vardi from Rice University who spoke on the topic, “If Machines are Capable of Almost Any Work Humans can Do, What will Humans Do?” Thought provoking…