Chennai Cafe


Besides having the most awesome lamps that hang from the ceiling, Chennai Cafe has great South Indian food.  When you walk in the door, the fragrant aromas hit you and you find yourself curious about the dining experience that awaits.  Their website explains things in the following way.

“Chennai cafe is an Indian restaurant that specializes on Authentic South Indian cuisines. We have unique dishes that you wouldn’t fine anywhere and is complimented by our extensive menu which covers most of the South Indian dishes.”

For lunch today, I enjoyed the Lamb Kurma, rice, Naan, and tea.  It was all wonderful, with just the right amount of spice.  And did I mention their beautiful lamps that are ripe for use with the Prisma App?






Has anyone tried the Prisma App yet?  It is a bit different than using filters.  It uses artificial intelligence to turn photos into art.  It is pretty impressive and you can check out lots of user submitted results on their Facebook Page.  The only thing that I find odd is that the photo outputs are a square shape.  Here are a few of my sunset pictures from yesterday so you can get an idea of the power of this application. Enjoy!


Instagram Stories


If you are a fan of Snapchat Stories, then you will probably like Instagram Stories just as much (or maybe more).  The concept has been recently launched, and it pretty much mimics how things work on Snapchat.  You can post 10 second videos or post photos, the content is gone after 24 hours, you can add text, you can add filters, you can draw with a colored marker, and you can see who viewed your stories – but not who took a screenshot of them.  Unlike Snapchat, there are no geofilters or facial-mapping.  I don’t know how many Instagram Stories I will be posting, but you can follow me (@earthrobert on Instagram).  I totally enjoy the stories that are being posted daily by the accounts that I follow.  I am addicted to Instagram, and I may need to seek professional help at some point.  🙂


Twitter Stickers


Twitter has added Stickers for your tweets!  How fun is this?  Begin tweeting a photo like you normally would. Then tap on the smiley icon to begin adding stickers to your photo.  Add as many as you like, and then tweet it for the world to enjoy.  And for the best part, you can tap on any Sticker in a tweet to see who else has been using that same Sticker.  If you want to see all of the Smiley Sun Stickers that have been tweeted by the universe, you can do it.  I might get lost in this search capability for a while…


Twitter Unsquishes Photos


So Twitter is taking a small step in the right direction.  Has it ever annoyed you that your Twitter feed only showed part of a photo and you had to tap on the photo to view the full image?  So, Twitter announced that they are refining the media experience.  When I tested my tree photo today, it appears normally on the Twitter desktop site, but it appears cropped in the Twitter App for iOS.  Here’s hoping they can also make the App more visually appealing so I will become more likely to tweet photos directly instead of instagramming them.  :-/


Apple Music


Anyone else out there trying the new Apple Music?  They currently have a free, three-month trial membership going on.  I am liking it so far and need to try the feature where you can save music from the collection for offline listening.  Given a little time, I could build out a nice, energetic playlist for walking.  If I get a good one going, I will post it somewhere to share.  Let me know if you have a favorite playlist of your own, and I will give it a listen.

Periscope Map View


Periscope keeps getting cooler, and I get more and more addicted to the App.  I can hardly fall asleep now without watching an episode of “Sock Cop” to see Tug Boat, Popsicles, Mills Motors, some Doo Doots, Parkours, and Dr. Peppers.  The best new feature (on iOS only for now) is the Map View.  I have provided a few screenshots to give you an idea of how it works.  You click on the globe icon, and you are presented with a world map and choices for some periscopes you can watch that are originating in that specific part of the world.  I can go to Miami, Amsterdam, Cancun, Rome, Honolulu, or anywhere else at the touch of the screen, and see what someone is doing and broadcasting at that moment.  If I am planning a trip, I can maybe find a friendly local and ask them for advice about their city.  The second screenshot is an example of zooming in on the current activity in Austin.  I can even choose geographical areas of the city to see what people are broadcasting from the North side, for example.  Keep innovating, Periscope People, and I’m sure I will return each evening to see what’s new in the world.