Kreuz Market


It has been a while since I have taken a road trip.  On my way to San Marcos this hot Texas afternoon, I detoured to the city of Lockhart to get some delicious barbecue at Kreuz Market.  It wasn’t too busy for a Friday, so I pretty much zipped through the line and ordered some brisket, bread, beans, cheese, and iced tea. I was so hungry for some tasty brisket that I neglected to take a photo until there was just one slice left.  Anyways, you get an idea of how good things are here and hopefully one day you will have the opportunity to visit.









Black’s Barbecue Austin


I have been wanting to try this location of Black’s Barbecue for a long time.  It is located near the University of Texas campus on Guadalupe and 31st and 1/2 Street.  It is a small restaurant and today there was a smoker outside and a short line of people on the inside.  The brisket was perfect, just as you would expect from a Black’s site.  You line up, order your sides, have them slice and weigh your meat selections, pay for everything, get your drinks, then find a table inside or on the outside patio.  I highly recommend it if you find yourself in the area.



Terry Black’s Barbecue


Welcome to Austin! We need another BBQ Joint. 🙂

The good news is that this version of Black’s Barbecue is very similar to the one in Lockhart. I walked in the door and picked my sides – beans and creamed corn. I then turned the corner and watched as my meats were cut and weighed – moist brisket, turkey breast, and a small jalapeño and cheese sausage. Then pay, grab your drink, and enjoy. You can choose to sit inside or on the patio outside, where I am composing this post at the moment. What a beautiful day in Austin it is.