Want Sunsets?


I keep getting out of work after dark.  It is not fun.  At the latest, I should be catching the sunset.  So now, I am using Periscope to catch the rising or setting sun.  Like this person above who was Periscoping while driving in Russia.  Thanks for sharing your awesome sun event with the world!  The most recent Periscope feature adds a live, moving curve that defines the dark part of the world versus the light part of the world on the map view.  If only I could get out of work early enough to see the light side of things…


Explore UT – The Map


Today was the open house at The University of Texas called “Explore UT“.  It is billed as “The Biggest Open House in Texas! — an extraordinary event featuring close to 400 programs held across the Forty Acres.”  And they aren’t kidding.  I found some things on campus today that I didn’t know existed and wore myself out by rushing from one awesome event to another.  Get ready for a ton of photos to be posted!