Periscope Drones and Search Feature


If you follow my blog, then by now you know that I am a fan of the Periscope App.  And it keeps getting more interesting.  The latest edition provides for Periscoping directly from certain drone models, and the views are fantastic (sample screenshot above).  There is also a new search feature that allows you to search for topics of interest, including a topic for “GoPro & Drones”.  How cool is that for a relatively new App that just recently celebrated their one year anniversary?  You can find more information on the Periscope Blog, and keep your eyes there for the next new feature that comes along.  Oh, and can someone give me about one thousand dollars so I can buy my own DJI Drone starter kit for Periscoping?  πŸ™‚


Want Sunsets?


I keep getting out of work after dark.  It is not fun.  At the latest, I should be catching the sunset.  So now, I am using Periscope to catch the rising or setting sun.  Like this person above who was Periscoping while driving in Russia.  Thanks for sharing your awesome sun event with the world!  The most recent Periscope feature adds a live, moving curve that defines the dark part of the world versus the light part of the world on the map view.  If only I could get out of work early enough to see the light side of things…


Periscope Skip Ahead


I am still enjoying Periscope.  Lately they have improved the Map View to include options to see live video or recorded video.  For recorded video, there is a new option to Skip Ahead.  Just press and hold on your touchscreen, and you can fast forward to the spot you want to see in the recorded video.  It is chilly in Austin, and I am missing the beach, so I virtually travelled to Australia tonight to catch a sunrise.  I hope you enjoy the possibilities for travel on Periscope too.


Periscope Couch Mode


Note – First time ever to draw on the iPad.  My art skillz are the greatest!  πŸ™‚

For my internet friends who love Periscope, they have a secret called Couch Mode.  It is meant to be used on a desktop computer without access to the Periscope App.  You launch this mode in your browser (, and then you can flick through a random feed of Periscope streams.  Totally fun, and you have no idea what stream will be next.  Be careful, as this is the internet after all.  I hope you enjoy it!

Periscope Map View


Periscope keeps getting cooler, and I get more and more addicted to the App.  I can hardly fall asleep now without watching an episode of “Sock Cop” to see Tug Boat, Popsicles, Mills Motors, some Doo Doots, Parkours, and Dr. Peppers.  The best new feature (on iOS only for now) is the Map View.  I have provided a few screenshots to give you an idea of how it works.  You click on the globe icon, and you are presented with a world map and choices for some periscopes you can watch that are originating in that specific part of the world.  I can go to Miami, Amsterdam, Cancun, Rome, Honolulu, or anywhere else at the touch of the screen, and see what someone is doing and broadcasting at that moment.  If I am planning a trip, I can maybe find a friendly local and ask them for advice about their city.  The second screenshot is an example of zooming in on the current activity in Austin.  I can even choose geographical areas of the city to see what people are broadcasting from the North side, for example.  Keep innovating, Periscope People, and I’m sure I will return each evening to see what’s new in the world.


Periscope on Android


I am sure by now that you, my Internet Friends, are tired of me proclaiming the magical wonders of Periscope.  However, there is a big announcement – Periscope on Android is LIVE.  I now can use my unlimited data plan (as sketchy as the signal can be at times) to create my own broadcasts.  I have tried a few local broadcasts (without cats or other cute viewer nabbing critters), and my heart count is up to a whopping 2 hearts.  My heart getting skills need a little bit of tender loving care.  Don’t worry, I am determined to get the hang of this Android-based Periscoping thing.  I am sure to double my heart count in no time.  I suggest that you get out there and start some broadcasts of your own, with or without tiny, cute, cuddly, fluffy animals in tow.  If you stay focused, you may soon have 2 hearts of your own.  πŸ™‚




The highlight of my day so far was installing Meerkat on my phone.  It is the App that gathered a ton of publicity at SXSW this year.  It is similar to the App I am most addicted to (Periscope), but Meerkat is now available on Android platforms, whereas Periscope is still limited to iOS platforms.  So now that the video sharing App is on my phone, I can share some of my adventures (like yesterday’s most awesome sunset) with anyone in real time as long as I have a phone connection.  The App is free, so give it a try if you are interested.




My favorite App for the iPad, iPhone, or iPad Touch lately is Periscope.  It allows you to travel the world, see new things, and hang out with different people.  So far today, I have seen places in Italy, France, Australia, and the UK by watching other user’s live feeds.  From their website,

β€œFor viewers, Periscope gives you a new set of eyes and ears.  Travel the world and step into someone else’s shoes.  See what they see, hear what they hear, and hopefully feel what they feel.”

I’ve added a few random screenshots to give you an idea of the endless possibilities you can experience live, including a Venice Beach sunset and a nice storm cloud in Arizona.  Has anyone else tried Periscope, and if so, are you enjoying it?