Periscope on Android


I am sure by now that you, my Internet Friends, are tired of me proclaiming the magical wonders of Periscope.  However, there is a big announcement – Periscope on Android is LIVE.  I now can use my unlimited data plan (as sketchy as the signal can be at times) to create my own broadcasts.  I have tried a few local broadcasts (without cats or other cute viewer nabbing critters), and my heart count is up to a whopping 2 hearts.  My heart getting skills need a little bit of tender loving care.  Don’t worry, I am determined to get the hang of this Android-based Periscoping thing.  I am sure to double my heart count in no time.  I suggest that you get out there and start some broadcasts of your own, with or without tiny, cute, cuddly, fluffy animals in tow.  If you stay focused, you may soon have 2 hearts of your own.  🙂




The highlight of my day so far was installing Meerkat on my phone.  It is the App that gathered a ton of publicity at SXSW this year.  It is similar to the App I am most addicted to (Periscope), but Meerkat is now available on Android platforms, whereas Periscope is still limited to iOS platforms.  So now that the video sharing App is on my phone, I can share some of my adventures (like yesterday’s most awesome sunset) with anyone in real time as long as I have a phone connection.  The App is free, so give it a try if you are interested.