Periscope Map View


Periscope keeps getting cooler, and I get more and more addicted to the App.  I can hardly fall asleep now without watching an episode of “Sock Cop” to see Tug Boat, Popsicles, Mills Motors, some Doo Doots, Parkours, and Dr. Peppers.  The best new feature (on iOS only for now) is the Map View.  I have provided a few screenshots to give you an idea of how it works.  You click on the globe icon, and you are presented with a world map and choices for some periscopes you can watch that are originating in that specific part of the world.  I can go to Miami, Amsterdam, Cancun, Rome, Honolulu, or anywhere else at the touch of the screen, and see what someone is doing and broadcasting at that moment.  If I am planning a trip, I can maybe find a friendly local and ask them for advice about their city.  The second screenshot is an example of zooming in on the current activity in Austin.  I can even choose geographical areas of the city to see what people are broadcasting from the North side, for example.  Keep innovating, Periscope People, and I’m sure I will return each evening to see what’s new in the world.


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