24 Hour Fitness


It worked!  I had a membership to a 24 Hour Fitness club in Round Rock that was classified as a “Sport” club.  In the process of reviewing my budget (thanks Mint App) and checking prices online, I discovered that the current rate at the “Super Sport” Club in Pflugerville was less than what I was paying.  I didn’t think they would allow me to switch, but the groovy folks in Pflugerville were able to hook me up.  So now, I have a membership that allows me to use both clubs for a much lower monthly fee.  This will be an improvement for my budget and an improvement for my physique (if I can get to the gym on a regular basis).  I am totally excited about today’s bargain!


3 comments on “24 Hour Fitness

  1. Great budget tip. Keep sending them, I’m always looking for ways to save.

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