The Music Run

The Travis County Expo Center has a nice hilltop view of downtown Austin.  The following set of photos will let you know what it is like to participate in the Music Run.  Me and my bad knee cheated and walked the course tonight.  This is a wonderful event and you should join in if it shows up in your town.  My only regret was that I didn’t get a better photo of the Left Shark.  I showed up early, had lots of fun, and was one of the last people to leave.


24 Hour Fitness


It worked!  I had a membership to a 24 Hour Fitness club in Round Rock that was classified as a “Sport” club.  In the process of reviewing my budget (thanks Mint App) and checking prices online, I discovered that the current rate at the “Super Sport” Club in Pflugerville was less than what I was paying.  I didn’t think they would allow me to switch, but the groovy folks in Pflugerville were able to hook me up.  So now, I have a membership that allows me to use both clubs for a much lower monthly fee.  This will be an improvement for my budget and an improvement for my physique (if I can get to the gym on a regular basis).  I am totally excited about today’s bargain!