I have spent the evening researching WordPress Themes, and my head is spinning.  I am using the Reddle Theme, but want a change for my new blog home.  I like themes like the ones shown here.  I want a good theme for a photography blog, probably one column, most likely with a black or dark colored background, and one that will support WordPress WordAds.  I will keep on researching and let you know what I pick for my next Theme.




2 comments on “Themes

  1. Ashley says:

    I can totally relate to what you are going through. I have spent hours at a time looking through all the Themes that are available. I would also like to change mine but my head starts to hurt when I look into it!

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  2. earthrobert says:

    Maybe I can block out some time this weekend to research some more. This page – – has a list of the free Themes and you can use the “Find a Theme” filters to help sort things. It’s not perfect. It will take a lot of research time and might induce more head spinning. Good luck!

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