I have spent the evening researching WordPress Themes, and my head is spinning.  I am using the Reddle Theme, but want a change for my new blog home.  I like themes like the ones shown here.  I want a good theme for a photography blog, probably one column, most likely with a black or dark colored background, and one that will support WordPress WordAds.  I will keep on researching and let you know what I pick for my next Theme.




Since my Media Library was filled to the brim, I have opted to try out the Premium upgrade to my WordPress blog.  From what I can tell, this includes the following benefits.


  • The Media Library is now capped at 13 GB instead of 3 GB.  So you will see more photos from me.

  • I get my own domain name, “”.

  • I will have more options to customize the design of my blog.

So look forward to some changes in the near future.  For now, I received the message “We are setting up for you.  It should start working immediately, but may be unreliable during the first 72 hours.”  I hope this is a seamless process for me and you.  We shall see what happens.