The Quintus Theme


I am beginning my experimentation with WordPress themes.  I want a simple, one column theme that will allow for WordAds if I want to add that feature someday.  I am going to try a very basic one called “Quintus” for a bit.  Along with this new theme, I will try a new blogging philosophy of less frequent blogs.  I will keep working on this until I am happy with the results and we will see where this takes us.  🙂

Why Snapchat


I just started exploring Snapchat this weekend.  If all those people are using it, there must be something there.  Pretty simple, right?  Just send a photo or video to your friend, and they can see it and then it goes away.  But that is not the cool part – more instructions here.  The “Story” is where it’s at for me.  You broadcast a snap to all of your followers, and it can be viewed multiple times for 24 hours.  Add more snaps, and soon you have a running story on how your day went.  Take for example the story from “EverestNoFilter”.  Two mountain climbers who are snapping their way to the summit of Everest.  How awesome!  If you hustle over there you can view their snaps from the last 24 hours.  Enjoy!


Tax Time


Check out my lonely H&R Block App on the home page of my iPad.  Yes, that is a cool picture I took from a past trip to Las Vegas that I use as my wallpaper.  For the first time ever, I used an iPad App to file my taxes.  As you can tell, I like to procrastinate until the last possible day.  In the US, today is the filing deadline for Federal Taxes.  I liked the App so much that I gave it 9 out of 10 stars.  It was free, my filing process was simple and free, and my rather small tax refund should arrive electronically in my bank.  Isn’t technology wonderful?


Instagram Blog


Lately, if I get some downtime, I am enjoying the Instagram Blog.  It has features like the one seen above called “The Week on Instagram”.  The photography here is inspirational.  There are also many other blog posts of interest, like the one below called “The Life of a Ballerina, Photographed by a Ballerina…”.  Check it out and see if you find it interesting, or not.




I have spent the evening researching WordPress Themes, and my head is spinning.  I am using the Reddle Theme, but want a change for my new blog home.  I like themes like the ones shown here.  I want a good theme for a photography blog, probably one column, most likely with a black or dark colored background, and one that will support WordPress WordAds.  I will keep on researching and let you know what I pick for my next Theme.




Log Out of Twitter


Before you do anything, make sure you know the account name and password for your Twitter account so you can successfully log back in.  If you are totally sure that you’ve got this, then log out of Twitter on the web browser of your choice.  What you will discover is something that might be more entertaining than your usual Twitter feed.  The Twitter people have recently made this happen.  You will get a view of the newest and most popular tweets.  You can also search for key words or hash tags.  For example, if you are interested in art, just type it in and search.  More fun than when you were logged in as yourself?  Probably so – but you can only have so much fun in one day, so log back into Twitter and check out your normal feed before bedtime.  🙂