Gridiron Glory


The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum has a traveling exhibit from the Pro Football Hall of Fame called Gridiron Glory.  I hope you are a fan of the Dallas Cowboys!  I grew up watching them, lived less than a mile from the old Texas Stadium in Irving, attended many games as a fan, and even worked as a souvenir salesperson as a teenager.  So obviously, my photos from the exhibit are slanted towards the Cowboys.  There is much more to see, and the exhibit will be here until January if you want to come to Austin for a visit.  🙂










Free Concert Series


The Bullock Texas State History Museum is hosting a series of free concerts every Sunday for the month of May.  Today’s concert was scheduled for outside, but the threat of rainy weather pushed it inside.  There were three bands, and they all were very talented.  Maybe I will be back for more next Sunday?




Bullock Texas State History Museum


It turns out that the first Sunday of each month is free admission day at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. I’ve been wanting to go and see the exhibit for the La Belle. It is a shipwreck that was discovered in Matagorda Bay in the Gulf of Mexico. From the website, “Setting sail from King Louis XIV’s France in 1684, La Salle intended to land at the mouth of the Mississippi River. Instead, he sailed into Matagorda Bay. By 1686, bad weather and human incompetence had left the expedition’s one remaining ship, La Belle, listing and abandoned in the bay’s shallow waters. It eventually sank into the mud and took all of its stories with it. Until 1995.”