Canyonlands – Hike


This hike had a lot of features.  You first traced along the rim of a canyon, with fields to your right side and a sheer drop off to your left side.  Then after a few butterflies and a bluejay sighting, the trail rolled off into the canyon and across a dried up stream bed.  Up a hill, and then an option for a steeper hill trail, but I was running out of sunlight.  Then get lost a little bit, take a wrong turn, watch the doves fly out of the grasses as I approached them, discover a groovy treehouse someone has created, turn back to the canyon trail, hope this version takes me out of the canyon and not further into it, by a dried up pond, listen to the frogs kick off their nightly songs, up a hill, and back towards the welcome sight of the power lines that lead me to my air conditioned car.  All accomplished just before the sun sets on the other side of the canyon.  Fun times!