Frost II


This is the best we can do in Central Texas.  We watch your photos from the North East Coast (and other cold weather places) in awe of the piles of snow.  We travel to places like Colorado just to ski, snowboard, and play in the snow.  Here it is 32 degrees Fahrenheit in the morning and 71 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon.  If you hurry out to your car in the morning, before it warms up, you can get a glimpse of frost on the windshield and dream of the last time you caught snowflakes on your tongue.



East Jordan Iron Works


The days in Round Rock have gotten so hot that even the neighborhood kids are staying inside instead of swimming.  At around 4:00 pm today, I headed for the pool.  I looked both ways, crossed the street, and trekked across this awesome manhole cover from East Jordan Iron Works – “the world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of manhole covers,” among other things.  Pretty impressive, huh?


Neighborhood Walk


What can you do when your car is in the shop for alignment, among other things?  You can beg your friend for a ride home from work.  You can go for a swim and then bring your camera along for a neighborhood walk.  You might see an awesome sunset, a bunny, a Versa-Vibe, the half moon, and other cool stuff.  See, who needs a car anyways?  Uh, can someone give me a ride to work in the morning?  🙂




Turtle Creek Pool II


It is back in the pool for me.  It has been forever since I swam laps, so today’s 20 minute session was taken slow and easy.  Hello self – you should be doing this several times a week, if not every day.  I don’t listen to self reasoning very well, but now that my first swim session of the year is done, it should be easy to return to the pool and do it again.  The cloudy weather made for a perfect, cool day.  🙂