Elfvis II


Yes, I had to return to this most awesome Christmas display again this year.  There was Elfvis, the Grinch (doing the Nae Nae), the Kringles, Olaf (leading a “Let it Go” sing-along), a house full of synchronized lights, and the Snow Zone that blasted out fake snow for all the kids.  If you are in the Austin area, go check it out.  If not, then you can experience the YouTube channel as the next best thing to being there.



Jean Philippe Patisserie


Ever had the desire to see the world’s largest chocolate fountain? You can find it at Jean Philippe Patisserie in the Bellagio. They have snacks, drinks, desserts, and of course – lots of chocolate. They have cakes on display of all sorts and my favorite one was Olaf sitting in the top corner of the restaurant. I ordered a large white mocha and slurped it down on my way to my next Las Vegas destination.