Cuvée Coffee


Cuvée Coffee is a different sort of coffee shop located on East Sixth Street in Austin.  There is no WiFi, to my surprise.  The place is super clean and inviting.  They have a menu which includes breakfast tacos, but don’t get here too late, or they will stop serving them (at noon).  They have nitrogenated cold brew coffee, which I believe is their claim to fame.  They have indifferent baristas who will ignore or barely recognize your presence.  Why do people become baristas when they know they will grow to hate their job, and then treat customers like poop?  If you are not a natural people person, you should probably not seek out a job working behind a counter and serving people.  They have a limited menu of espresso drinks, unlike most coffee shops that will make you almost any drink you desire.  I settled for a yummy turkey and pesto sandwich from the refrigerator, a smallish green iced tea with mint, and a Topo Chico mineral water.  If there is some drink from the menu that you are craving, then check it out.  If you are expecting a full service coffee bar, then try some other place in the area.




Snow Monster


The Snow Monster.  You win based upon your name alone.  Here is how it works.  Approach the counter and check out your options on the menu display.  Select your size – I got a small.  Choose your flavor for the groovy shaved ice – I got Coffee flavor.  Pick some Snow Toppings – I got Oreos.  Get a drink – I got a bubble tea.  Enjoy!  Yes, it is that simple and truly an awesome discovery to begin the summer season in Austin.  If only they had a Sno Mo a little further north…




Bribery Bakery


Today’s lunch was consumed at Bribery Bakery.  This place is unique in the area, as they do not have a set menu, but serve up the daily choices from their glass case.  The selection of desserts is very extensive and very yummy!  My lunch consisted of a turkey and guacamole sandwich, a chocolate and caramel cream pie, and an iced coffee.  It was all great.  If you find yourself in the area, and are in need of some snacking, then check it out!  Today, they were busy baking up a storm for Mother’s Day on Sunday.



HOPE Farmers Market


I have a confession.  I am starting to fall in like with the East side of Austin.  Yes, it is filling up with hipsters, but they are people too, and they haven’t completely taken over yet.  This slightly rainy Sunday, I visited the HOPE Farmers Market.  I planned on walking through and maybe getting a coffee or something.  Then I ran into Jackie Venson on stage – and hold it – the guitar music and vocals are amazing.  I ended up staying for both of her sets and enjoying her performance.  I did also get some coffee and had some fun walking around the Market.  There were lady bugs, flowers, guitars, music, fountains, vegetables, coffee, tea, monsters, people, and dogs.  Hurray East Austin!