Snow Monster


The Snow Monster.  You win based upon your name alone.  Here is how it works.  Approach the counter and check out your options on the menu display.  Select your size – I got a small.  Choose your flavor for the groovy shaved ice – I got Coffee flavor.  Pick some Snow Toppings – I got Oreos.  Get a drink – I got a bubble tea.  Enjoy!  Yes, it is that simple and truly an awesome discovery to begin the summer season in Austin.  If only they had a Sno Mo a little further north…




Kawaii Shaved Ice


Close to the water tower in Downtown Round Rock, there exists the most wonderful place for an icy treat when the weather begins to get warm again.  The high today was 81 degrees Fahrenheit, so an afternoon trip to Kawaii Shaved Ice was the perfect plan.  Some coworkers and I enjoyed the oasis-like setting for a short team building exercise.  I ordered my standby shaved ice flavor – grape.  We then enjoyed the shady tables, shooed off a few small bees who wanted in on the grape action but were too shy to pose for a photo, and had some nice conversations.  I will have to remember to visit again soon and maybe experiment with a new flavor next time…