Brushy Creek Trail East


I walked for about an hour this evening on Brushy Creek Trail East.  I travelled the section beginning from Forest Ridge Boulevard and heading west along Brushy Creek.  This section is a paved trail, covered by shady trees, and good for walking your dog or riding your bike.  On the way back, I popped out into the new subdivision that is beginning to take shape – with lots of new construction going on.  Here are some photos from the trail and the creek, and as the sun began to set on a nice evening in Round Rock.





Round Rock


The Round Rock is a little piece of history in this town. According to Wikipedia:

“In 1851, a small community was formed on the banks of Brushy Creek, near a large round and anvil-shaped rock located in the middle of the creek. This round rock marked a convenient low-water crossing for wagons, horses, and cattle. The first postmaster called the community “Brushy,” and the creek was called “Brushy Creek”. But in 1854, at the suggestion of the postmaster, the small settlement was renamed Round Rock in honor of this now famous rock.”

You can find the Rock in the middle of Brushy Creek, just off the Interstate. Once you visit, you can check it off of your list of things to do in life. 🙂