Swim at Your Own Risk


I took a visit to Bull Creek this evening after work to see how the recent rains have contributed to the water flow.  It was pumping.  A hiker’s Labrador Retriever attempted to bound across the rocks, and accidentally got swept into and over the main falls.  There was a minor rescue effort to get him back on dry land, but he shook off the water and was back in high spirits before long.  The lady bug hung onto her flower and watched the whole event in anticipation.






Bull Creek District Park – Trail Map


Today’s hot hike was launched from Bull Creek District Park in weather beyond 100 degrees Farenheit.  I walked a short way along the Inga VanNynatten Memorial Trail, then plunged into Bull Creek and took it as far as the super hot day would allow.  Along the way there were plenty of people and their dogs enjoying the cool creek water.


Bull Creek District Park


The recent rains in Austin have transformed Bull Creek District Park into a giant water park for the family.  People were having a great time this evening with swimming, sliding down the waterfalls, playing on the rope swing, picnicking, and wading through the shallow parts.  There were million dollar homes in the hills, wildflowers on the trails, and family pets wondering how they ended up in the middle of a flooded creek.  Forget paying those expensive water park fees for a while and get yourself over to Bull Creek for a swim.  🙂