This broken tooth has been one of the most painful events of my life.  I have been mostly sleeping all day, because that seems the best way to cope.  In between long naps, my iPad has kept me company.  Take some pills, watch Netflix, cruise social media sites and play a few simple iPad games like Star Wars Commander.  That is my life today.

Star Wars: Commander – Update


Anyone remember my blog post from back in February when I shared my nerdy iPad game called “Star Wars: Commander”?  Well, I am still playing.  I know you were kind of excited when I first started my tiny little base with an initial base rating of 75.  As of today, my base rating is 1085, and this helps determine what kind of battles I get into with other players.  So far, I have won 309 attacks on other unsuspecting people’s bases, and 43 defenses of my own spectacular impregnable fortress of a base.  Now I am assuming that you are totally excited?  Don’t worry, I will continue to neglect my chores and other important things like reading books for example just so I can update you with my gaming progress.  Yay!