Pinballz II


On a rainy Saturday afternoon, what better to do than to drop into Pinballz Arcade?  Of course I would search out my favorite coin pushing game – Wizard of Oz.  Today I was skilled or lucky, as I left the joint with lots of prize cards.  They have all sorts of vintage games to play here and it is easy to get lost in the fun for a few hours as the storm clouds pass by.  If you are in Austin, check out one of their three locations and have some fun!






Star Wars Uprising


At the beginning of the year, I was checking out the typical lists for best Apps of 2015.  One game, Star Wars Uprising, was included on many of the lists.  I tried it out and got hooked.  If you are a fan of Star Wars, give this one a try.  It is free, simple in concept, playable on a mobile device, and seems to have a good storyline backing it up.  Enjoy!




This broken tooth has been one of the most painful events of my life.  I have been mostly sleeping all day, because that seems the best way to cope.  In between long naps, my iPad has kept me company.  Take some pills, watch Netflix, cruise social media sites and play a few simple iPad games like Star Wars Commander.  That is my life today.