My drugs for my tooth infection are starting to kick in.  The swelling is going down and the pain is relatively manageable.  One side effect is that the pills upset my stomach.  The bonus is that I will lose some weight for not eating so much.  After spending most of the day in bed, I ventured down the street to watch the second half of the football game.  We’ll see how this goes…

A Dance with Dragons


One benefit of being sick is the ability to read a little.  Today I finished the fifth book in the Game of Thrones Series by George RR Martin.  This was an excellent long read with all of your favorite characters from the series.  If you haven’t read these books, I recommend that you give the first in the series a try.  If you are like me, you will become hooked and will be anxiously waiting for the publication of the sixth book in the series.

Bedridden II

Not much to report regarding the tooth, but tomorrow is another day.  The news in Austin today is the terrible flooding in South Central Texas.  The Instagram feed above shows the power of the floods at Barton Springs.



This broken tooth has been one of the most painful events of my life.  I have been mostly sleeping all day, because that seems the best way to cope.  In between long naps, my iPad has kept me company.  Take some pills, watch Netflix, cruise social media sites and play a few simple iPad games like Star Wars Commander.  That is my life today.

Beasts of No Nation

When a tooth strikes out with pain and swelling, you end up spending the day at home resting and watching Netflix.  This movie, “Beasts of No Nation”, hits hard.  A very graphic war movie filmed in Ghana in West Africa.  It won’t appeal to everyone, but I appreciated its honest portrayal of African war zones and the food for thought that it provided.