Evening at the Domain


If you go walking at the Domain on a Friday evening, you can experience several things.  You can stop and admire the red roses.  You can catch a rock band playing on the Great Lawn stage.  Drop in at Flaming Pizza and build your own pizza creation.  Make friends with a grackle who really just wants to taste a bit of your pizza.  And as you walk back, you can catch the sun as it begins to set behind the power lines.  Not too bad for a Friday evening.





Flaming Pizza


My Friday evening consisted of a nice Jazz/Blues band at the Domain and a pizza on the patio of Flaming Pizza which overlooks The Great Lawn with its small amphitheater.  This is a casual pizza joint that just opened a few weeks ago.  My pizza of choice was the “Bacon n’ Shrooms” with white sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, applewood bacon, garlic, and arugula.  Yummy!  They only make one size pizza, about 11 inches, and you can build your own or pick one of their specialties off the menu.  I believe they will all have a thin crispy crust, hot from the flaming oven.  The next time I return, I will load up on a build your own version, starting with Canadian bacon and then piling on more toppings from there.  🙂