Instagram Stories


If you are a fan of Snapchat Stories, then you will probably like Instagram Stories just as much (or maybe more).  The concept has been recently launched, and it pretty much mimics how things work on Snapchat.  You can post 10 second videos or post photos, the content is gone after 24 hours, you can add text, you can add filters, you can draw with a colored marker, and you can see who viewed your stories – but not who took a screenshot of them.  Unlike Snapchat, there are no geofilters or facial-mapping.  I don’t know how many Instagram Stories I will be posting, but you can follow me (@earthrobert on Instagram).  I totally enjoy the stories that are being posted daily by the accounts that I follow.  I am addicted to Instagram, and I may need to seek professional help at some point.  🙂


Instagram Blog


Lately, if I get some downtime, I am enjoying the Instagram Blog.  It has features like the one seen above called “The Week on Instagram”.  The photography here is inspirational.  There are also many other blog posts of interest, like the one below called “The Life of a Ballerina, Photographed by a Ballerina…”.  Check it out and see if you find it interesting, or not.


Bedridden II

Not much to report regarding the tooth, but tomorrow is another day.  The news in Austin today is the terrible flooding in South Central Texas.  The Instagram feed above shows the power of the floods at Barton Springs.

Instagram is for Squares


Please don’t hate me, but I have been experimenting with Instagram lately.  It is sort of like a blog that allows for a single photo with some associated text.  I have fallen for several accounts including National Geographic and National Geographic Travel (standard accounts everyone should follow).  I used to hate that you couldn’t post a full photo, but were restrained to a square format for pictures.  These links will help to describe the relatively new and simple functionality whereby you can post most any sized photo (Link 1) and (Link 2).  They just show up as square images on one version of your personal feed, but are normally sized everywhere else on the App.  If you are a fan of Instagram, or would just like to check it out, look for earthrobert on the site, and don’t be a square.  😛