Rattletree Glow Party


What happens at the Rattletree Glow Party, you might ask?  You put on your glow stuff, and maybe get your face painted.  You take off your shoes at the door as per the rules.  Then you can chill out and listen to DJ Happy Happy James, or get your dance on.  When the marimba music starts, you are in musical heaven.  Joel Laviolette and his band are so much fun.  It was a great celebration of the new studio home for the Rattletree School of Marimba.








Apple Music Android App


If you didn’t try Apple Music because you have an Android phone and not an iPhone, now’s your chance.  The App is in a Beta form in the Google Play Store.  I installed it to give it a try.  I think you can still grab the deal for a three month trial, too.  For me today, it is recommending some EDM music or maybe some Dire Straits.  I think I will try one of these on my way home this evening.  🙂


Apple Music


Anyone else out there trying the new Apple Music?  They currently have a free, three-month trial membership going on.  I am liking it so far and need to try the feature where you can save music from the collection for offline listening.  Given a little time, I could build out a nice, energetic playlist for walking.  If I get a good one going, I will post it somewhere to share.  Let me know if you have a favorite playlist of your own, and I will give it a listen.